Violin plots of the habitat suitability within the 10 areas delineated by kernel density estimations (KDE) for Cerambyx cerdo L., 1758 in SW Poland. White dots indicate medians, box edges represent the inter-quartile range and the grey region and curve show the probability density function.

  Part of: Kadej M, Zając K, Smolis A, Tarnawski D, Tyszecka K, Malkiewicz A, Pietraszko M, Warchałowski M, Gil R (2017) The great capricorn beetle Cerambyx cerdo L. in south-western Poland – the current state and perspectives of conservation in one of the recent distribution centres in Central Europe. In: Campanaro A, Hardersen S, Sabbatini Peverieri G, Carpaneto GM (Eds) Monitoring of saproxylic beetles and other insects protected in the European Union. Nature Conservation 19: 111-134.