Surface areas (km2) obtained by ENM (MaxEnt) within the study region and the 95% kernel density isopleth for Cerambyx cerdo L., 1758 for three different suitabilities covered by national protected areas (NPAs: nature reserves + landscape parks) and overall protected areas (OPAs: NPAs + Natura 200 SACs). Percentages represent the percentage of the total area of the habitat type within the study region and the 95% KDE. Suitability thresholds: optimal ≥ 0.632, 0.632 < moderate ≥ 0.2039, unsuitable < 0.2039.

  Part of: Kadej M, Zając K, Smolis A, Tarnawski D, Tyszecka K, Malkiewicz A, Pietraszko M, Warchałowski M, Gil R (2017) The great capricorn beetle Cerambyx cerdo L. in south-western Poland – the current state and perspectives of conservation in one of the recent distribution centres in Central Europe. In: Campanaro A, Hardersen S, Sabbatini Peverieri G, Carpaneto GM (Eds) Monitoring of saproxylic beetles and other insects protected in the European Union. Nature Conservation 19: 111-134.