Evidence of bears interacting with squirrel middens for access to agricultural seeds. A Railway in Banff National Park, where agricultural seeds are found on the tracks. B American red squirrel on the railway, taken with a remote camera on time-lapse settings C Grizzly bear excavating a squirrel midden where bear signs were previously recorded during a survey of an area with high bear use. The photo was taken with a remote camera on hyperfire settings D Unsprouted agricultural seeds, visibly wheat and lentil, found at an active midden near the railway that had been recently excavated E Moldy sprouted and unsprouted agricultural seeds, visibly chickpeas, wheat, flax, lentils and canola, at an excavated inactive primary midden near the railway F Sprouted agricultural plants at an inactive primary midden near the railway.

  Part of: Put JE, Put L, St. Clair CC (2017) Caching behaviour by red squirrels may contribute to food conditioning of grizzly bears. Nature Conservation 21: 1-14. https://doi.org/10.3897/natureconservation.21.12429