Predicted probability of occurrence of Cucujus cinnaberinus depending on altitude, amount of deciduous trees, amount of deadwood and openness of canopy cover. The solid line shows dense canopy closure; the dashed line shows normal canopy closure; the stippled line shows sparse canopy closure; the dashed-stippled line shows patchy canopy closure. Particular values were taken from altitude (median and maximum values) and amount of deadwood (minimum, median and maximum values) to emphasize the influence of different variables on each other and on the probability of colonization of tree trunks by C. cinnaberinus. The empty circles show the presence (1.0) and absence (0.0) of C. cinnaberinus in relation to the amount of deciduous trees.

  Part of: Vrezec A, Ambrožič S, Kobler A, Kapla A, de Groot M (2017) Cucujus cinnaberinus (Scopoli, 1763) at its terra typica in Slovenia: historical overview, distribution patterns and habitat selection. In: Campanaro A, Hardersen S, Sabbatini Peverieri G, Carpaneto GM (Eds) Monitoring of saproxylic beetles and other insects protected in the European Union. Nature Conservation 19: 219-229.