Habitus of Osmoderma in dorsal view. A O. eremita male B O. eremita female C O. cristinae male D O. cristinae female (photographs by A. Ballerio and M. Uliana, from Ballerio et al. 2010).

  Part of: Maurizi E, Campanaro A, Chiari S, Maura M, Mosconi F, Sabatelli S, Zauli A, Audisio P, Carpaneto GM (2017) Guidelines for the monitoring of Osmoderma eremita and closely related species. In: Carpaneto GM, Audisio P, Bologna MA, Roversi PF, Mason F (Eds) Guidelines for the Monitoring of the Saproxylic Beetles protected in Europe. Nature Conservation 20: 79-128. https://doi.org/10.3897/natureconservation.20.12658