Visualisation of the fitted GLM model using LOESS (locally weighted scatter plot smoothing) function. The figure shows the relationship between DBH and count data of R. alpina in FC during 2016. A larger number of individuals were observed on trees with DBH greater than 60 cm.

  Part of: Campanaro A, Redolfi De Zan L, Hardersen S, Antonini G, Chiari S, Cini A, Mancini E, Mosconi F, Rossi de Gasperis S, Solano E, Bologna MA, Sabbatini Peverieri G (2017) Guidelines for the monitoring of Rosalia alpina. In: Carpaneto GM, Audisio P, Bologna MA, Roversi PF, Mason F (Eds) Guidelines for the Monitoring of the Saproxylic Beetles protected in Europe. Nature Conservation 20: 165-203.