Images of habitat types and soybean plantations in the Cerrado of Amapá. A Grass savanna with gallery forests in the background, showing characteristic presence of palms B Area of park savanna C Area of park savanna converted to plantations of soybeans and maize D The right-hand side of the image shows what is left of an area of park savanna, the left-hand side shows an area prepared for planting with soybeans and maize, and in the background are natural forest fragments that occur within the Cerrado of Amapá E An area of park savanna after being burned; and F flooded savanna with grass savannas and a natural forest fragment behind.

  Part of: Mustin K, Carvalho WD, Hilário RR, Costa-Neto SV, Silva CR, Vasconcelos IM, Castro IJ, Eilers V, Kauano EE, Mendes-Junior RNG, Funi C, Fearnside PM, Silva JMC, Euler AMC, Toledo JJ (2017) Biodiversity, threats and conservation challenges in the Cerrado of Amapá, an Amazonian savanna. Nature Conservation 22: 107-127.