Distribution map of the Italian population of C. laurifolius L. subsp. laurifolius. Yellow symbols indicate the location of each sub-population. Circle size is proportional to the area occupied by the sub-populations of Fornellaccio (FOR), Fontassenzio (D) and west of Fornellaccio (C5). The yellow star, not proportional to the area of occupancy, refers to the small sub-population of Masseto (MAS). The exclamation mark (bottom right) indicates the single individual surviving in the near proximity of the village of Santa Brigida (not investigated in this study). In the top left corner, the location of the study area (red square) in Italy is indicated.

  Part of: Astuti G, Roma-Marzio F, D'Antraccoli M, Bedini G, Carta A, Sebastiani F, Bruschi P, Peruzzi L (2017) Conservation biology of the last Italian population of Cistus laurifolius (Cistaceae): demographic structure, reproductive success and population genetics. Nature Conservation 22: 169-190. https://doi.org/10.3897/natureconservation.22.19809