Genital anatomy and egg capsules of Dianella schlickumi. A Female genitalia B Penis C Shell bearing egg capsules covered by fine-grained material D Egg capsule with embryo. Abbreviations: ag–albumen gland; b–beak-shape dilatation of the oviduct; bc–bursa copulatrix; fp–faecal pellets; fg–fine-grained material; e–eye; ec–egg capsules; em–embryo; ov: renal oviduct; pd–penial duct.

  Part of: Ntislidou C, Radea C, Giokas S, Pusch MT, Lazaridou M, Bobori DC (2018) Rediscovery of the endemic gastropod Dianella schlickumi (Gastropoda, Hydrobiidae) and its discrimination from Dianella thiesseana: environmental correlates and implications for their conservation. Nature Conservation 27: 35-58.