Cover ratio of microhabitats in deciduous (left) and coniferous (right) forest headwater springs. Substrate terminology: Argyllal – Agry; Psammal – Psam; Psammopelal – Pspl; Akal – Akal; Microlithal – Mikrol; Mesolithal – Mesol; Macrolithal – Makrol; Megalithal – Megal; Emergent macrophytes – eMphy; Submerged macrophytes – sMphy; Moss cushions – Mosses; Fine roots – Roots; Xylal (Dead Wood) – Xylal; Coarse particular organic material – CPOM; Coniferous litter – Clit; Fine particular organic material – FPOM; Algae – Algae.

  Part of: Reiss M, Chifflard P (2018) Different forest cover and its impact on eco-hydrological traits, invertebrate fauna and biodiversity of spring habitats. Nature Conservation 27: 85-99.