Reptile species that are under some risk category according to the NOM-059-2010 or whose distribution is restricted to the study region (see text). H= Scincella silvicola, L= Lepidophyma sylvaticum, Q= Tantilla rubra, P= Atropoides nummifer, Y= Ctenosaura acanthura, T= Drymobius margaritiferus, O= Leptophis diplotropis, N= Micrurus diastema, Z= Kinosternon herrerai, W= Leptodeira maculata, X= Tropidodipsas sartorii and B´= Thamnophis proximus.

  Part of: Berriozabal-Islas C, Ramírez-Bautista A, Cruz-Elizalde R, Hernández-Salinas U (2018) Modification of landscape as promoter of change in structure and taxonomic diversity of reptile´s communities: an example in tropical landscape in the central region of Mexico. Nature Conservation 28: 33-49.