Sale locations (a) and price (b) for pangolin meat and scales as reported by interviewees (N = 90 locations given by 61 hunters and N = 249 locations given by 131 hunters, respectively, N = 81 and 134 prices given). Local includes the village within which the hunter lives, surrounding villages and the local market (which moves within the local area amongst the villages); Town or Block bazaar includes towns (approximately 10–20 km away) and large markets (e.g. the Block bazaar serves the ‘block’, which is an administrative unit within the district); City refers to is a major urban centre (approximately 50 km away by road).

  Part of: D’Cruze N, Singh B, Mookerjee A, Harrington LA, Macdonald DW (2018) A socio-economic survey of pangolin hunting in Assam, Northeast India. Nature Conservation 30: 83-105.