Annual trends in the number of A Facebook (FB) posts (n = 6,244) and B news articles (n = 1,445), related to pangolin trade (FB) and pangolins (news), respectively, between 2005 and 2016, shown against events (top), including ‘major seizures’ (defined as in text, where ‘ind.’ refers to the number of pangolins recorded, otherwise the weight of pangolins recorded). The shaded circles mark the largest seizures of whole pangolins and pangolin scales, respectively, recorded in the EIA database for the period of the study. The red star marks the Medan seizure in Indonesia in April 2015, referred to in the text; the black star marks the Appendix I listing of all pangolin species at the CITES CoP 17 meeting in September 2016.

  Part of: Harrington LA, D’Cruze N, Macdonald DW (2018) Rise to fame: events, media activity and public interest in pangolins and pangolin trade, 2005–2016. Nature Conservation 30: 107-133.