a Location of the “Montagna di Torricchio” Nature Reserve (LTER_EU_IT_033) in the Central Apennines, Marche Region, Italy (From: Wellstein et al. 2014) b Representation of the sampling system: the 25 ha grid was superimposed on the reference area, with the 17 macroplots randomly selected (each containing a cluster of four 10×10 m plots); the dark blue plots contain the clusters lying within the effective area of the Reserve, which is the subject of the present paper.

  Part of: Chelli S, Simonetti E, Campetella G, Chiarucci A, Cervellini M, Tardella FM, Tomasella M, Canullo R (2019) Plant diversity changes in a nature reserve: a probabilistic sampling method for quantitative assessments. In: Mazzocchi MG, Capotondi L, Freppaz M, Lugliè A, Campanaro A (Eds) Italian Long-Term Ecological Research for understanding ecosystem diversity and functioning. Case studies from aquatic, terrestrial and transitional domains. Nature Conservation 34: 145-161. https://doi.org/10.3897/natureconservation.34.30043