Average percentage of damaged seedlings per block, detailed by treatment (C, I, F, I+F, coded as in Fig. 1) and seed densities (light bars: 10 seeds m-2 y-1; dark bars: 25 seeds m-2 y-1).

  Part of: SolĂ© R, Gripenberg S, Lewis OT, Markesteijn L, Barrios H, Ratz T, Ctvrtecka R, Butterill PT, Segar ST, Metz MA, Dahl C, Rivera M, Viquez K, Ferguson W, Guevara M, Basset Y (2019) The role of herbivorous insects and pathogens in the regeneration dynamics of Guazuma ulmifolia in Panama. Nature Conservation 32: 81-101. https://doi.org/10.3897/natureconservation.32.30108