Phytoplankton resting stages at station LTER-MC. a Dinoflagellate cyst fluxes (cysts × 105 m-2 d-1); average monthly values over two years (1994 and 1995) (data from Montresor et al. 1998) b abundance of spores of Chaetoceros socialis (circles, viable spores × 103 g-1 of wet sediment) in April, June, September and November, and average monthly cell abundance (log10(n+1) ml-1) of spore-forming diatoms (light gray polygon) and of C. socialis in the plankton (dark gray polygon) (data from Montresor et al. 2013).

  Part of: Zingone A, D’Alelio D, Mazzocchi MG, Montresor M, Sarno D, LTER-MC team (2019) Time series and beyond: multifaceted plankton research at a marine Mediterranean LTER site. In: Mazzocchi MG, Capotondi L, Freppaz M, Lugliè A, Campanaro A (Eds) Italian Long-Term Ecological Research for understanding ecosystem diversity and functioning. Case studies from aquatic, terrestrial and transitional domains. Nature Conservation 34: 273-310.