Word cloud of the cited medicinal and spiritual purposes of pangolin (n = 19 total responses) a and python (n = 28 total responses) b provided by vendors. Size of text is proportional to frequency of words in interviews. Frequency reflects both the number of vendors using the word and the number of times the word was used by the vendor.

  Part of: D'Cruze N, Assou D, Coulthard E, Norrey J, Megson D, Macdonald DW, Harrington LA, Ronfot D, Segniagbeto GH, Auliya M (2020) Snake oil and pangolin scales: insights into wild animal use at “Marché des Fétiches” traditional medicine market, Togo. Nature Conservation 39: 45-71. https://doi.org/10.3897/natureconservation.39.47879