A Entrance to the “Marché des Fétiches”, Akodessewa, Lomé, Togo B African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus) intended for commercial sale C West African slender-snouted crocodile (Mecistops cataphractus) intended for commercial sale D live vulture (Accipitridae sp., cf. Gypohierax angolensis, Palm nut vulture) intended for commercial sale, Togo, West Africa. Images A–D Neil D’Cruze / World Animal Protection.

  Part of: D'Cruze N, Assou D, Coulthard E, Norrey J, Megson D, Macdonald DW, Harrington LA, Ronfot D, Segniagbeto GH, Auliya M (2020) Snake oil and pangolin scales: insights into wild animal use at “Marché des Fétiches” traditional medicine market, Togo. Nature Conservation 39: 45-71. https://doi.org/10.3897/natureconservation.39.47879