Reported source of ball pythons exported from Togo, based on importer-reported quantities obtained from CITES trade records. Note that the CITES trade database does not contain source information for most records prior to 1991 (unless the specimen was specifically declared as captive-bred, CITES 2013). O=pre-convention specimens, C=captive-bred, F=born in captivity, I=confiscated or seized, R=ranched, U=unknown, W=wild. Source: CITES trade database,

  Part of: D'Cruze N, Harrington LA, Assou D, Green J, Macdonald DW, Ronfot D, Hoinsoud√© Segniagbeto G, Auliya M (2020) Betting the farm: A review of Ball Python and other reptile trade from Togo, West Africa. Nature Conservation 40: 65-91.