Southern Togo with sampling locations for wild Python regius (green) and housed in farms (red). Five specimens were sampled at each of three python farms, and at two farms each an additional three specimens were sampled. Number of wild specimens sampled per location: Hangoume, n = 3; Dagbati, n = 2, Kpove, n = 3, Assahoun, n = 2; Tado, n = 3; Tsevié, n = 3; Agbave, n = 1; Nyidove, n = 1, Amoussoukope, n = 4; Ountivou, n = 6; Towouganou (Zio), n = 11; Aveta, n = 2.

  Part of: Auliya M, Hofmann S, Segniagbeto GH, Assou D, Ronfot D, Astrin JJ, Forat S, Koffivi K. Ketoh G, D’Cruze N (2020) The first genetic assessment of wild and farmed ball pythons (Reptilia, Serpentes, Pythonidae) in southern Togo. Nature Conservation 38: 37-59.