Screenshots of social media posts offering silvery pigeons between October and December 2021 A initial post discovered B screenshot of a video provided by a seller from Padang (province of West Sumatra) showing one of the two silvery pigeons from the initial post (1A) C screenshot of one of two videos posted by a seller in Bintan island (Riau archipelago, Indonesia); the videos from this setting are poor in quality and show 7‒10 silvery pigeons in a cage with a larger group of pied imperial pigeons and one green imperial pigeon D image from a comment to the initial post (1A), from Singkep island (Lingga archipelago, Indonesia), showing an additional silvery pigeon. A further video posted by this person shows a single silvery pigeon with a larger group of pied imperial pigeons in a cage, potentially the same bird as in 1D (see Suppl. material 1–4) E screenshot of a video posted in December 2021 showing a single silvery pigeon with a group of green imperial pigeons and three pied imperial pigeons in a cage in Bintan island posted by the same person as in 1C but seem to be in a different setting (see Suppl. material 1–4).

  Part of: Bruslund S, Leupen B, Shepherd CR, Nelson SS (2022) Online trade as a serious additional threat to the Critically Endangered silvery pigeon Columba argentina in Indonesia. Nature Conservation 46: 41-48.