Threatened Vietnamese amphibian species already in ex situ conservation breeding programs (Cologne Zoo, Germany). A Ingerophrynus galeatus in amplexus (Vietnam Red Data Book: VU) B Paramesotriton deloustali offspring (CITES: II) C Tylototriton ziegleri (CITES: II, IUCN: VU) D young Tylototriton vietnamensis (CITES: II, IUCN: EN) (Photos: A. Rauhaus and T. Ziegler)

  Part of: Krzikowski M, Nguyen TQ, Pham CT, Rödder D, Rauhaus A, Le MD, Ziegler T (2022) Assessment of the threat status of the amphibians in Vietnam - Implementation of the One Plan Approach. Nature Conservation 49: 77-116.