CITES lion exports from the Free State, South Africa, from 2017–2020. Colours indicate the exported commodity (blue = trophies, red = skeletons, yellow = live) while the circles are weighted by the exported volumes per destination country. The markers do not represent specific locations within a country but are approximately centralised. Note that China and the USA were the only countries to receive both trophies and live animals and are thus represented twice on the map. Not included in the map are 25 trophies, two skeletons, and eight live lions for which no destination country could be identified from the permits due to the poor quality of scanned copies provided by DESTEA.

  Part of: Heinrich S, Gomez L, Green J, de Waal L, Jakins C, D'Cruze N (2022) The extent and nature of the commercial captive lion industry in the Free State province, South Africa. Nature Conservation 50: 203-225.