The suitable habitat of NWCG in the Western Nghe An BR in A 1990 B 2000 C 2010, and D 2020 (Pu Mat NR was established in 1995, and upgraded to be national park in 2001; Pu Huong, and Pu Hoat NRs were established 2003, and 2013, respectively).

  Part of: Van Phung K, Van Tran D, Thanh Dong H, Quang Luu V, Bac Bui V, Tien Vu T (2023) ´╗┐Changes in suitable habitat for the critically endangered Northern white-cheeked gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) in the Western Nghe An Biosphere Reserve, Vietnam: Implication for conservation. Nature Conservation 51: 167-188.