Past (a) and present (b) geographic distribution of Pseudorhodeus tanago. Dots indicate records of presence of the bitterling. Light blue painted areas contain one to three localities from which specimens of the present report came. Exact places of these localities are kept secret by authorities to protect from poaching. Numbers on map b stand for localities of samples listed in Table 1. Asterisks indicate extinction in the wild and specimens came from ex situ preserved stocks. Habitats #14–17 in hatched areas (exact places are kept secret by authorities) are newly found. Hatched areas thus do not represent exact geographic ranges.

  Part of: Saitoh K, Suzuki N, Ozaki M, Ishii K, Sado T, Morosawa T, Tsunagawa T, Tsuchiya M (2017) Natural habitats uncovered? – Genetic structure of known and newly found localities of the endangered bitterling Pseudorhodeus tanago (Cyprinidae). Nature Conservation 17: 19-33.