Study area and live coral cover and family composition at each site. A Locations of Seychelles, Cousin Island, donor site (Les Parisiennes) and the three study sites: healthy control, degraded control and transplanted. Lower panel shows the seascape and concrete blocks with tiles at B healthy control (HC) C transplanted (T) and D degraded control (DC) sites. E Change in average (± SE) live coral cover (% of total area) for individual sites between the start (November 2012) and the end (June 2014) of the transplantation project. F Family (ACR = Acroporidae; POC = Pocilloporidae; OTH = Other families) composition (% of total coral species) at three different stages (i.e. recruits, juveniles and adults) of the life cycle of corals in the three study sites at the end of sampling period. No significant differences in juveniles composition between sites or sampling periods were found.

  Part of: Montoya-Maya PH, Smit KP, Burt AJ, Frias-Torres S (2016) Large-scale coral reef restoration could assist natural recovery in Seychelles, Indian Ocean. Nature Conservation 16: 1-17.