Parsimonious haplotype network of mitochondrial DNA sequences of Pseudorhodeus tanago (Hap01–10). Each line connecting haplotypes indicates one nucleotide difference. Small open circles stand for missing haplotypes. Locality number (#) and number of individuals observed (parentheses) indicate haplotype sharing. Blue solid lines encircle haplotype groups (north, center, west and south). Blue broken line indicates sub-grouping within the south haplotype group exhibited by SAMOVA analysis (right, south_1; left, south_2).

  Part of: Saitoh K, Suzuki N, Ozaki M, Ishii K, Sado T, Morosawa T, Tsunagawa T, Tsuchiya M (2017) Natural habitats uncovered? – Genetic structure of known and newly found localities of the endangered bitterling Pseudorhodeus tanago (Cyprinidae). Nature Conservation 17: 19-33.