The NMDS plot showing temporal change in plant species composition. Successional vectors joining the monthly means of replicate surveys of each study site (i.e. experimental treatment) done in late May, July and early September in 2004 and 2005. The upper panel (a) includes axis 1 and axis 2 and the lower panel (b) includes axis 1 and axis 3. Point labels show two initials of the site, sampling season and year (e.g. GrSp04 = Grove Spring 2003). Other season abbreviations are: Su = summer and Au = Autumn. Average positions in the ordination space are depicted for the 20 commonest species according to vegetation surveys. Species abbreviations show four initials of the genus and species names, respectively (see Table S1).

  Part of: Niemi M, Pöyry J, Heiskanen I, Uotinen V, Nieminen M, Erkomaa K, Wallenius K (2014) Variability of soil enzyme activities and vegetation succession following boreal forest surface soil transfer to an artificial hill. Nature Conservation 8: 1-25.