The dendrogram obtained by using means of enzyme activities per SOM in 2003. Triplicate samples of each site in June–September, lg transformed data (µmol MUF or AMC/g SOM in 3 h), standardised data, Gower's similarity coefficient and Ward's method. The original enzyme activity data is arranged according to the dendrogram to reveal differences between clusters. Sampling month (mm) is given for each sample. For each activity, the lower quartile is shown in italics and the upper quartile in bold.

  Part of: Niemi M, Pöyry J, Heiskanen I, Uotinen V, Nieminen M, Erkomaa K, Wallenius K (2014) Variability of soil enzyme activities and vegetation succession following boreal forest surface soil transfer to an artificial hill. Nature Conservation 8: 1-25.