Krizler Tanalgo joins the editorial team of Nature Conservation

30 November 2022

Dr Krizler Tanalgo is one of the latest subject editors to join Nature Conservation.

Krizler is an early-career researcher and mentor at the Eco/Con Lab of the University of Southern Mindanao, Philippines. He currently leads the DarkCideS Project, a global database for bats in karst and caves, as part of the Global Bat Cave Vulnerability and Conservation Mapping initiative.

He is interested in the areas of biodiversity conservation, macroecology, habitat prioritization, and ecological interactions.

"I am delighted to be a new addition to the team of editors of Nature Conservation. The journal is progressing and is one of the important venues for communicating significant findings in the conservation and protection of biodiversity around the world. I am excited to contribute to the continuous growth of the journal, and I look forward to scientific contributions from the Asian tropics, where biodiversity is rich and needs more highlighting."

Follow Krizler on Twitter (@tkrizler) and visit his academic website to find more about him and his work.

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