Nature Conservation recognises 2023’s most cited authors and most active editors

11 January 2024

Starting from this year, Nature Conservation would like to recognise the journal’s best-performing authors and editors each year.

With this initiative, we aim to acknowledge the hard work of everyone who is behind the journal, and support quality open science.

We’d like to do this by giving free publication vouchers to the three lead authors of the best cited papers published in 2020 and the three most active editors in 2023.

The winning authors for 2023 are:

1.     Neil D'Cruze for Snake oil and pangolin scales: insights into wild animal use at "Marche des Fetiches" traditional medicine market, Togo (19 citations)

2.    Lauren A. Harrington for Snakes and ladders: A review of ball python production in West Africa for the global pet market (14 citations)

3.    Mark Auliya for The first genetic assessment of wild and farmed ball pythons (Reptilia, Serpentes, Pythonidae) in southern Togo (11 citations)

And the winning editors:

1.    Franco Andreone (5 tasks)

2.    Mark Auliya (4 tasks)

3.    M. Nazre (4 tasks)

We appreciate the contributions of every author, editor, and reviewer that has worked with the journal, and are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with all of them in 2024 and beyond.

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