Ashish Kumar Arya welcomed as a subject editor at Nature Conservation

18 April 2024

Ashish Kumar Arya is the latest addition to Nature Conservation's editorial team. He is an Assistant Professor and senior researcher at the Department of Environmental Science, Graphic Era (Deemed to be University), Dehradun, India.

His areas of expertise encompass various topics of avian biology research.

"I am honoured to be a part of the editorial team at Nature Conservation, a scientific journal dedicated to basic and applied conservation ecology and nature conservation. Nature Conservation is a high-quality journal that is constantly expanding its range of subjects," he says.

"As an avian biologists and biodiversity conservationists, I am excited to contribute my expertise to further knowledge in avian biology and ecology and the conservation of biodiversity. I am also interested in studying of different aspect of avian diversity and avian migration, aiming to inform effective conservation strategies."

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