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Permanent collection
Black Sea ecosystem in the spotlight
Edited by Kremena Stefanova, Snejana Moncheva, Ertuğ Düzgüneş, Lyubomir Dimitrov

Recently, the assessment of changes in marine ecosystems and their drivers is an issue of crucial importance on the lookout for sustainable natural systems and service delivery allowing for long-term ecosystem preservation. In marine systems, change may occur directly from human activities, indirect ...

Papers published: 6   |  Total pages: 196
Europe (2), Black Sea (4)
Permanent collection
Scaling in Nature Conservation
Edited by Reinhard Klenke, Joseph Tzanopoulos, Doug Evans, Małgorzata Grodzińska-Jurczak, Yrjö Haila, William Kunin, Rui Ferreira dos Santos
The journal Nature Conservation has been founded by the European project SCALES “Securing the Conservation of biodiversity across Administrative Levels and spatial, temporal, and Ecological Scales” 10 years ago. The topic is still timely. To celebrate and further facilitate access to advances in our ...
Papers published: 1   |  Total pages: 32
Europe (1)
Permanent collection
Restoration of Wetlands
Edited by Mathias Scholz, Szabolcs Lengyel, Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla, Joanna Staneva, Vicente Gracia and Mindert de Vries

Worldwide, the loss of biodiversity in wetlands, like rivers and their floodplains and peatland, but also in deltas and estuaries is dramatic. Reasons are intensive land-use such as farming and urbanisation, drainage, construction of levees or bank stabilisation, or straightening of river courses an ...

Papers published: 3   |  Total pages: 62
Germany (1), Americas (1), Central Europe (1), Asia (1)
Permanent collection
Remote Sensing Applications to Monitor Ecosystem Services
Edited by Javier Martinez-Lopez, Domingo Alcaraz, Simon Willcock, Javier Cabello, Francisco J. Bonet & Joris de Vente

Landscapes are composed of heterogeneous patches containing different habitat and land cover types that should be identified in order to assess structural and functional ecosystem properties. Most ecosystem services assessments use proxy variables derived from land cover or habitats classes as input ...

Papers published: 4   |  Total pages: 68
Charadriiformes (1), Laridae (2), Animalia (1), Archaea (1), Aves (1), Plantae (1)

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